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Our Law Firm

Relying on state consumer protection statutes and court decisions, I have helped thousands of
homeowners over a period of many years recover damages as a result of shoddy construction
of their newly built homes.

The firm represents condominium, townhome and homeowner associations in the resolution of construction defect claims against developers and their contractors. We have helped a large
number of associations recover the cost of repairing defects to their projects.

During the past several years, we expanded our consumer protection practice to include dietary supplements, and have settled claims involving deceptive sales prices, unlawful product statements and inaccurate product labels.

We are now in the process of further expanding our consumer protection practice to include
other consumer goods and unsolicited telemarketing communications, such as robo calls, and
unwanted fax transmissions and texts.

Substantially all of the firm’s attorneys are seasoned litigators with many years of experience.
We can work on a contingent fee or hourly basis.

Defect Resolution


We work with an architect and/or engineer to evaluate the construction quality of your project and determine if the damage is systemic.

Consumer Protection


We pursue manufacturers and retailers of consumer goods who make false or misleading statements about their products.