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So many people have suffered devastating losses in recent wildfires in California.

Contact your insurance company

The first thing a homeowner should do if your home has been destroyed, is to contact your insurance company for a proof of loss form, and to request a cash advance to cover your immediate living expenses.

Get a second opinion

Whether you need to rebuild or replace your home, disputes will often arise between the homeowner and the insurance company regarding how much is actually payable under your policy.  This is because the insurance company will make a settlement offer based on cost estimates and market value appraisals prepared by people that work on behalf of the company, and not on behalf of you.

Before you settle your claim, you should get a second opinion from an attorney or other professional. My law firm will help you obtain a cost estimate and/ or an appraisal prepared on your behalf, and we will help you seek to maximize the amount payable.

Levin Law Group LLP can help

The claims process is complex and you may need the help of an attorney.

I have more than 25 years of experience resolving damage claims on behalf of homeowners in construction defect cases.  I have negotiated settlements with numerous insurance companies and their adjusters, and have dealt with engineers, architects and contractors.  My law firm is now able to apply that experience on behalf of homeowners with wildfire loss claims.

Email or mail me a copy of your policy, which you can obtain from your insurance agent or the insurance company, or online.

At no charge, I will review your rights and explain how to ensure that you receive the benefits payable under your policy.

Contact me to set up a free phone consultation.

My law firm can be hired on an hourly or contingent fee basis.  If you choose a contingent fee, you can pay only a percentage of the recovery, with no liability for costs.  I think you will find our percentage fee is competitive with what you would pay if you hired a claims adjuster.


Insurance Will Not Cover All of Your Fire Damages

Even if you have insurance covering property damage, you still may not be covered for

  • Loss in value of your lot or other land.
  • The value of any foundation under a damaged or destroyed building.
  • Your emotional distress resulting from the wildfire.


PG&E May Be Liable for Your Fire Damage Not Covered by Insurance

  • Camp Fire
  • Carr Fire
  • Nuns Fire
  • Atlas Fire
  • Redwood Valley Fire

If PG&E is responsible for that wildfire, PG&E may be liable to you for the above
damage and other losses not covered by your insurance.

PG&E Bankruptcy Shortens the Time You Have to File a Claim

Even though PG&E has filed a Chapter 11 Reorganization Petition under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, it appears they have sufficient assets to satisfy all of its anticipated liabilities.

But you must file a proof of loss claim within a time period not yet specified by the Bankruptcy Judge as of February 1, 2019. We believe the deadline date will be sometime this Spring.

Our firm can represent you in filing such a claim and in further proceedings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to establish your right to recover from PG&E


Southern California Edison May Be Liable for Your Fire Damage Not Covered by Insurance

  • Woolsey Fire
  • Thomas Fire

If Southern California Edison is responsible for the Woolsey or Thomas wildfire, the company may be liable to you for all of your emotional distress and other damage from that wildfire not covered by your insurance policy.

Make Sure You Don’t Give Away Your PG&E or So CA Edison Claim

Your insurance company may ask you to sign an agreement that includes a release or an assignment of your claims. Before you sign, we will review that agreement at no charge to verify that it does not require you to give up your claim against PG&E or SCE.

We Can Represent You On a Contingent Fee Basis

We can represent you in making and resolving your claim against PG&E or So CA Edison on a contingent fee basis, so if there is no recovery, there is no fee. Our fee is limited to a percentage of your recovery. We advance costs, and those costs come out of our portion of the recovery. And we believe that our percentage fee is competitive in comparison with what most attorneys would charge.

A reminder—for claims against PG&E, you must act in advance of the deadline date for filing a proof of claim, so we can help you.

Contact us for a free consultation.


Richard Levin, Attorney at Law

  • Founding Partner

    Richard Levin

    Richard Levin received his law degree from the University of California at Berkeley, has over 25 years of experience and is the firm’s founding partner. He has been involved in every aspect of the dispute resolution process, including mediation, trials and appeals. Richard is licensed to practice law in California, Washington and Oregon.

    Over the years, Richard has authored numerous articles on real estate subjects, including a number of articles on resolving construction defect claims. Richard has taught college-level courses in Real Estate Law, advanced Real Estate Law and Insurance Law, taught Contract Law to law students and lectured to groups of real estate sales agents, brokers, contractors and property managers on the legal aspects of real estate construction and sales.

    Richard is a frequent speaker at seminars, including numerous CAI programs on construction defect resolution. He has authored several books for boards and association managers, including "A Survivor’s Guide to Construction Defect Resolution" in Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Indiana, Virginia and Washington, DC.

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